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5 years of freelance. What’s next?

February 27, 2019

10th October of 2018 was exactly five years on since I quit my job. There were hard times and times of joy, although I never regret the decision.

I’ve been working as a freelancer for 5 years, and during this period I had different roles in many different small- and mid-sized projects. Over these years I tried to found my own company, I was a technical co-founder, helped a lot of small companies to develop and improve their projects. Yeah, I sure had failures too, but most of the collaborations were successful.

Freelance, like everything else, has pros and cons. It’s cool to be a boss for yourself, treat companies as your customers. But in such a setting it’s difficult to feel a part of something bigger than just you, part of a team. Sure, you did well, you helped them, but you have to go because you’re a freelancer. And now it is time to change it.

It’s time to give back to the community 🗣

I’m not a very social person, and it takes some time for me to open up (like for any other introvert). And probably it can be difficult for a potential employer to understand who actually I am and how broad is my experience.

I realized that I did too much private work and didn’t share anything to the tech community. I should contribute to open-source projects that I use, mentor other developers, share my experience through articles or screencasts and probably write a book.

I tried to share with my local community, I wrote an article several years ago, but they were not happy about it: “There is a bunch of information on google. Does someone still can’t do it?” “You configured XDebug — write an “article” on habr!” I wasn’t upset though, and after that, I realized that nobody cares about what you share.

But now I know English and can share to the international community, and I’m sure no one will point the finger at me and say “Look, what an idiot. He wrote another article about React, there is a ton of them in the google.” 😄 there is a lot of people that could find my articles useful.

Back to the office 🏢

At the same time, I want to get back to the office, help a company to conquer the market, share my broad experience with colleagues and feel a spirit of teamwork, which is difficult in a remote environment. But I don’t want to do that in my country for some reasons.

My goal is to move to a country that is closer to my mindset, like Canada or Sweden. Both of these countries care about people. I like their traditions and lifestyle, where a family is in the first place, where you only need to focus on work 7-8 hours per day and not expected to work 24/7. Also, I believe both these countries can become (and they do actually) new tech and startup leaders, and I would love to be part of it. 🤝

The Blog 📝

This blog is one of my steps in becoming a true community member. It will be the primary way (as well as a contribution to open source tools) to share my knowledge. Also, recently I’m learning how to be more productive not only in development but in general, so I believe my articles about productivity will be helpful for everyone, not for only developers.

Vitaly Sivkov

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